Our company, established in Bodrum in 2015, has become a “Solution Partner” to our customers with our expert staff and equipment in many construction fields such as construction against flat, contracting, project, design, renovation, application.

Daidalos means skilfully worked or who works skilfully (It also called Daedalos in Hellenistic Latin, Daidalos in Greek and means “master worker”). This name is given to people who is skilled at every art in Greek mythology.

Our company, which has the largest and state-of-the-art mold systems in Bodrum, provides services at more than 25 construction sites throughout Bodrum. With a wide machine park and more than 300 active employees, we offer perfect and uninterrupted service in turnkey, insulation, rough construction, construction against flat, core-cutting breaking and renovation. In order to keep the meaning of our name alive as a team, we are implementing the project carefully and in the most correct way with the modern equipment we have created within our structure and our expert technical staff, each of whom has been trained in their field. After the project implementation, we always keep customer satisfaction in the forefront by providing all services quickly.

We also experience the feeling of confidence of having a product infrastructure that we have gathered all renovation and decoration solutions under one roof and that can offer solutions to our customers in every area where they are needed.